bowzart: I looked up some of the machines you've mentioned - some of them are surely industrial grade stuffs. To house them in an asian apartment would mean putting my bed out on the sidewalk! :-)

alanrockwood: thanks for the great advice. I will double check if the seller throws in the tanks and reels in the future - for I'm sure it will cost me quite a bit to get them separately. However, I'm going have to give this listing a pass - partly because it isn't very cheap to start with, and also the fact that I've just blown my budget on a fellow APUG member's Bronica stuffs.

After all the recommendation here, I'm set on getting a Phototherm. Waiting for a good deal, getting it shipped to a friend who's willing to house it for me until I make a trip to the US, dragging the whole thing through the airport and customs, finding a step-down transformer, and finally trying to explain to my wife what is the beast is doing in our house - it all sounds like a great adventure ahead! I will surely post back to this thread when I finally laid my hands on one!