I contacted Freestyle if Efke IR 820c is available in 5x7 and they said "yes as a special order". Here's the e-mail...


"The IR820c film is available in 5x7/50 sheet boxes in either 820c or the
Aura. The price is $156.99/box with a minimum order of 15 boxes.
Freestyle does not stock these items and would have to be Special
Ordered for you.

Please note that Special Ordered items are non cancelable and non
returnable once the order is placed.

Thank you.

Marv Keller
Customer Service & Consumer Direct Sales

Tele: 1.800.292.6137 ext. 108 or 1.323.660.3460 ext. 108
Fax: 1.800.616.3616 or 1.323.660.4885
E-Mail: marv@freestylephoto.biz


I'm interested in a box or two so if anyone else would like one perhaps we can meet the 15 boxes minimum. Leon posted the same query at LFF so hopefully the likely hood of getting the minimum would be possible.

Reply to the post or PM me and I'll put you on the list. Once we hit the minimum I'll make arrangements to buy them. Though for the sake of commitment I will ask a partial payment (paypal as gift is the easiest). Full payment and shipping will be determined as soon as we can get the minimum.