Dear all,

Due to the excessive price increase on the international market of precious metals and mainly the Silver prices, here the point of view of the Fotokemika (Efke) factory in Croatia.

As it is obvious, we are in the same situation as Harman.

For the last 4-5 months we are experiencing dramatic increase of almost all material costs as well as energy costs.

We have certain stock of already produced b/w films and papers, so we decided to keep our price level for at least several months.

To our knowledge one of the major reasons for recent silver price increase is that China reduced export of silver and also of many rare metals.
China being one of the largest producer of silver can influence significantly on silver prices.

Overall Efke is taken more % of Silver in their films then other brands so they are affected more severely then other brands.

Fotohuis will stabilize the price of Efke films for the comming months.

As far Foma is involved: I am waiting also from an official statement of the factory in Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic.

best regards,