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    Quote Originally Posted by alanrockwood View Post
    Kodak shares have lost over 96% of their value in a little over four years (since June of 2007) and more than 98.6% of their value since since peaking 15 years ago (October of 1996). With a negative net asset value and slim profit margins, much of which are in a business sector with rapidly declining revenues, it is hard to see how Kodak can recover.

    The recent sale of some of Kodak's intellectual property may or may not bode well for the long term, but a one-time sale of key technology (if that's what it was) is not a good sign for the long-term viability of the company.
    I read that Kodak is finally making enough money on their inkjet printer and ink sales that they're turning profit on it. Let's hope this is a good trend that fuels other models they have in the pipeline.

    All I know is that new product introduction is the key to keep consumers and customers on their toes. It is the lifeblood of any technology related company in today's fast paced environment. You also have to select good industries to be in. How do you think Epson is doing, for example? And why is that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatchetman View Post
    So when did you short the stock? With your constant drumbeat of negativity, it sounds like you might have an ulterior motive.
    I am neither long nor short in Kodak stock. I have no ax to grind. In fact, from a personal point of view I would rather that Kodak remain a viable company than that it fail. However, in my opinion it does not look good for Kodak, and no amount of denial of their plight nor cheerleading for their cause is going into change a negative picture into a positive one. Furthermore, if you believe the markets have any value as an indicator of value then the prospects for kodak are, indeed, very gloomy.

    I am an extremely small time investor and have not made a trade in shares of any company for several years. I did consider shorting a few Kodak shares. However, most brokers have trading rules that make it hard to short penny stocks, so I did not even seriously look into shorting Kodak.
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