Negative Space is a community based do-it-yourself black and white darkroom facility. We are a group of photographers and artists that believe in the power and value of traditional photographic processes. Our space is for photographers that still practice or wish to practice traditional photographic processes.

We provide:
24hour access to members
Vintage Beseler and Omega enlargers
8 foot long wet table
Light Table
Complimentary B&W chemicals for negatives and paper
Small, Medium, and Large format negative carriers and enlarger lenses
Up to 20”X24” Printmaking
Vast assortment of trays, tanks, reels, tongs, easels, chemistry beakers, etc.
Paper Cutter

24 hour access 7 days a week-
$20 for students
$9 per hour.

Please contact to set up an appointment.

Negative Space Chicago
1000 N. milwaukee 4th fl
Chicago, IL