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    Postcards, the postman and an apology

    I live in semi rural Norfolk, UK in a medium sized village. Everybody knows the postman and he knows more about everyone than they care to imagine.
    Late last year in November I stopped 'Postie' and asked him to hold all our post for the following six weeks as I was going to South Africa on an extended holiday. No problems there.

    Very soon after this I went to India on a Business trip and so did not see the 'Postie' for 2 months. On my return back to normality I noticed that Postie had changed and after enquiring found out that he had gone for a knee replacement operation.

    Good news is that Postie is alive and well and back on active duty this week, with a new swing in his step. He collared me this morning whilst waiting for the bus to work with a envelope stuffed full of post. He had put them all in a large envelope expecting to see me around and then put it aside before his op. This included many Postcards from the Exchange dated between Late Oct and Early March. Funnily I dont remember subscribing as I knew I was going to be out of town for a while but I am glad I 'did' . There are some wonderful images there. I will spend some time tonight browsing them. Thanks to all.

    So I have over 40 postcards from various individuals from around the globe and have never sent out one. Ouch!

    ApologiesThis is where the apology comes in.

    I will need to get in touch with Nige for the old & new lists and will make up a batch hopefully this weekend and respond to all you Postcard exchangers.

    Looks like I have a few darkroom sessions to catch up on.

    It is not tradition that secures the survival of our craft, its the craft that secures the survival of our traditions.

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    G'day Phill...

    I've sent you 2 and you've sent me 1, so you owe me 1

    Not sure if you've seen recent posts about the Postcard Exchange but we now do 'rounds' where everyone participating sends one to everyone else. We have a rounds every 3mths. Send me a list of the people you want to send cards to and I'll dig out their addresses.

    Good to hear the postie is ok!



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