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    Nov 2006
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    Whoops, found a few in the unpaid bills pile.....they've been there for awhile.....

    Rob Skeoch's Girl with Graffiti - so great to get a colour photo in the PCE
    Ozphoto's Hands - what can you say? Iconic.
    Matt King's True Love - nice range and beautifully toned
    Seadrive's Rocks and Grass- incredibly crispy and detailed

    I think that makes 30 of the 40 recieved.

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    Oct 2005
    The Netherlands, close to the Belgian border
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    Four more cards received over the last two weeks:

    rtbadman, windmill. A great subject in an interesting landscape, well executed. Nice detail is the shadow of the mill, and the few clouds in the sky. That really adds the finishing touch. One more thing: very nice paper.
    markrewald, round barn. Again, interesting subject, great lighting, lovely sky and clouds.
    gordrob, ice diver. A chilly sport (or hobby), that's for sure. I'll be sure to show this to a "summer" diver and see what his reaction will be. Nice shot.
    lorirfrommontana, view of the yard. Glad to read you're settling in your new darkroom.

    And a "thank you" to those who have commented on my postcard. Some of your comments make me look at my own photo in a different way. Very insightful, very interesting. So, thanks!

    -- A sinister little midget with a bucket and a mop / Where the blood goes down the drain --

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    Lori's card arrived yesterday! I'm envious that you're settling into your new darkroom - haven't had one for quite some time now, and getting itchy feet.

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    Apr 2005
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    35mm RF
    Thanks Again to everyone for sending the photographs. I've received a few over the past few weeks.
    Lorirfrommontana shot from the field
    Raimundo Civera's multi pinhole photo
    Mark Rewald shot of the Delany Farm
    Tim Gray's shot of Max.
    Gordrob's Ice Diver
    Roger Thomas' shot of the Panoche Valley
    Azzy's shot of the Knife and it's Shadow
    Marianne's photo from the old orchard.

    Rob Skeoch
    This is my blog http://thepicturedesk.blogspot.com/
    This my website for photo supplies...
    This is my website for Rangfinder gear

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    This week I received three cards :

    Lorifrommontana's Spring snow. Very quiet image.

    Gordrob's Ice diver. Nice document of a unusual (at least for me) scene.

    Raimundo's (rai) multi pinhole : very unusual sight of a place. Makes me want to try pinholes !

    Laurent "Je suis Charlie"

    Thoe who don't read have no advantage over those who can't.

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    30 April 2011

    Upon cleaning my desk after a two week vacation I found the following cards (listed in no particular order) ...

    WOW, color! The card from crispin invokes lots of drama. Well done.
    Lorifrommontana's card conveys a sense of how peaceful Lori's backyard can be.
    The multiple pinhole card from Rai is very nice. I like the unusual perspective of this photograph.
    I really like the expression Max has in Tim Gray's card. A combination of shy and curious.
    Burr Cold! The card from grodrob makes me shiver every time I look at it. Some guys will do anything fro a picture.
    MarkRewald's photo of the Delany Round Barn is really well done. The tones are correct, and the clouds really add to the photo. One of my favorites this round.
    The classic pump windmill. Good view, and well done rtbadman. The clouds add so much to the image.

    Thanks you to all for a great round of fine images.


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    Jul 2004
    First of all, many thanks for all the beautiful postcards I received over the last couple of weeks.

    Second, the registration for round 23 is now open: Click!

    Do or do not. There's no try. (Yoda)

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    Jan 2006
    South Portland, Maine
    Medium Format

    Cards very late for round 22

    I want to apologize to everyone for being so late with my cards for round 22. I will have my cards out by the end of this week. I also would like to comment on all of the cards I have received so far:

    Tim Gray- a very cute dog in a great photo.

    markrewald- an interesting barn; the dramatic sky really helps.

    Black Dog- a great action shot; the slight blurring of the child works well.

    George Nova Scotia- a nice sharp photo; the grass in the foreground is well placed.

    Laurent- this really does look like a (very cold) bird.

    Kevin Kehler- excellent texture and detail; the black background works very well.

    drpsilver- a soft photo, yet dramatic and spooky.

    rtbadman- a wonderful photo with an old-time feel.

    anikin- the split toning gives a nice chilly feel; the snow is well printed.

    rst- the great depth of field gives us a chance to study the floor in detail- a wonderful shot.

    Moopheus- a very nice abstract photo- has a feeling of "layering" or "stacking".

    Rob Skeoch- great colors- the model's dark nail polish is a nice touch; must be nice to have these special lenses to play around with.

    lorifrommontana- nice photo of a rather ordinary subject; very soft with interesting grain.

    Kind Regards,
    Wayne Frederick

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    Aug 2006
    Misissauaga Canada
    Multi Format
    Updates on cards received since my last round of comments. More great images; keep them coming folks

    Gordrob – Ice Divers - Cool shot. I don’t think I would be patient enough to be waiting around a hole in the ice for something to surface. Any Inuit seal hunting at breathing holes in the ice experience in your past? Just kidding!. The choice of a cool tone paper is most appropriate for the image. I might have gone a grade of paper higher, to render the highlights as a bit lighter. The negative exposure looks to be good, with great shadow detail, and an appropriate shutter speed to render the sharp detail of the surface turbulence of the water.

    Lorifrommontana – Spring snow on old tree. This has a very ‘could have been an old glass plate look’ (except for the power line in the background). I presume the low key feel of the presented image was a part of your vision for the print, to evoke an overcast mood. Good exposure; there is plenty of detail visible in the furrows of bark on the tree trunk. Thanks for bringing a new screw mount slr, the Sears TLS into my knowledge bank. I can remember as a young kid seeing SLR’s in the camera case when doing back to school clothes shopping on a ‘visit a bigger centre that has a Sears’ annual pilgrimage.

    MarkRewald – Round Barn – Very neat. Nice detail; then again if I owned a rangefinder 6x7 that did not yield detail I would be upset. The lighting is very good; a most tasteful selection of vantage point from which you captured this image. The print tones are very well placed as well. There is good detail in the whitest of the highlights, and still detail in the riffles of black shingles on the roof as well. The neat clouds in the sky also play into the good impact this image carries.

    Rai – Pinhole Phantasmagoria Image of church and town square. Too neat. What a great image from a too cool image making contraption. I know that you processed a piece of c-41 film in b&w chemistry. When I have done this in the past I end up with a low contrast negative, which I presume you have here as well. I would love to see a more complete range of tones in the print. It would give the very compelling visual content more pop. Do keep with it. You have shown great vision in making this image.

    Roger Thoms- Windmill in the foothills. You made a lovely placement of the windmill in the frame. The cloud shadowed rise of land in the background also materially contributes to the image. Super micro tonality in the midtones, so a great negative to print from, I presume. The ‘salon borders’ used for the print work very well for this image. One to be proud of, I am sure. The story in the text of the processing was a plus as well.

    Tim Gray – Max all tucked in. Very cute. Nice exposure, great use of the shallow depth of field. The use of the Leica with full frame print from the neg in a filed out carrier gives it a certain Cartier-Bresson feel to the image for me. If you were aiming for this, well done.
    my real name, imagine that.

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    Mar 2010
    Nova Scotia Canada
    Multi Format
    Some cards received since my last update:
    MattKing "True Love" toning brings this card to life, almost can feel the bark.
    Azzy "A knife and its shadow" Why is it there, and how long? Strange thoughts arise.
    Crispin "Cornwall, first light" Lovely colours, since I'm not a "pre-dawn" person I thank you for this image.
    gordrob "Ice Diver" Took me a while for my brain to put that image together. I hope that's a film camera in his hands! Best of luck on your visit to the Bay of Fundy - lots to see all around the Bay - Just watch the tides if you go out on the shore!
    seadrive "Rocks and Grass, Dam Pond" Interesting image, almost like an easter basket.
    Tim Curry "Max" Okay, who really tucked in the blanket?
    Marianne "Old Orchard" great old trees. I wonder how many doctors they have kept away
    Mark Rewald "Delany Round Barn" Great Barn, Great sky.
    rtbadman "Windmill" Once a common sight on farms around here, mostare gone now. Love the hills in the back too.
    rai "Carre Sainte Anne" I just love these pinhole images, I think it's about time I dusted off my shop and built a camera or two.
    Lorifrommontana It does feel like a snowy day. Somehow I feel there should be a swing on that tree but someone put a fence in the way!

    That's it for now, almost done this round just a few more to report in. I hope all my cards made it around the world, I have a few extra just in case. I must say the variety of styles, techniques and materials is inspiring and eye-opening. Thanks all.




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