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    Ilford Cirkut film order. Spooling bulk film?

    The View Camera Store is offering 100 foot rolls of Ilford B&W in 8" and 10" sizes:


    Note that "Orders need to be placed before June 22, 2012..." about six weeks away. I'll give the usual disclaimer that I have no connection to The View Camera Store, etc., and I'm not even going to order any film this year. But I may be able to order next year, so I certainly hope the minimum number of rolls is ordered this year. I have no idea if VC Store or Ilford might quit offering Cirkut film if there is no interest. I don't see a mention in the description of the film thickness, but I believe I've read, probably on this forum, that it is the correct thickness, not spooled from thicker sheet film stock. Probably worth emailing VC Store to be certain.

    I'll admit the prices for a 100 foot roll made my eyes open wide, but then I got to thinking the last time I bought any Kodak 8" Verichrome Pan, it was over $25 for about a 6 foot length. So these prices per foot aren't so bad, although obviously more work is involved in having to re-spool the film.

    Would anyone care to share ideas on spooling bulk film onto Cirkut spools? Any substitute for Cirkut paper leader material, what tape you use to tape film to leader, how do you align leader and film so they wind straight onto the take-up drum? Any tips would be very useful.The only time I've shot bulk film, it was old 9 1/2" aerial film and I didn't bother with leader and trailer. I just darkroom loaded the film and didn't worry about wasting a few inches. But using expensive fresh film pretty much necessitates leader/trailer.


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    I made a simple jig to align the film and leader for taping. The actual taping is the only real challenge. It pays to be pretty well organized before the lights go out.

    There was some discussion on APUG last week about leader paper.

    I should have quite a few 10" Cirkut spools with leader paper around. All used at least once. I save them for my own reloading, but should have extras.



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