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Thread: 617 OPTIONS??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Zentena View Post
    Shen Hao is selling a new 617 back. It fits 5x7 cameras so I'm assuming it avoids the limitations of the 4x5 version. It's also cheaper. I can't tell from the pictures if it uses a ruby window or not.

    Looks very useful. From the picture I'd say pretty definitely that that is a ruby window device. The round item just offset from the middle of the back would be a window with a sliding cover on it: this is very similar to the windows on my Da-Yi 617 back for 4x5.


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    617 Choices

    It depends on how you plan to use the camera. If you want a quick setup and don't need a lot of movements, the Fotoman or maybe the other brands will work. I have a 617 roll film back for my Canham that I settled on, because most all my shots require a lot of rise to get over roadside clutter. I don't backpack and can't walk a long way.

    That led me to settle on the Canham, and I am selling my Fotoman on this forum's website.

    If you live in Hawaii, I am told a 90mm is the right lens, I could never use anything less than 180, thus my choice is for the big camera and all its associated problems.

    One can actually hand hold the Fotoman.
    , if that is your plan, It is a good choice.

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