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    cirkut/other roll film special order

    I was thinking of special ordering some 6 1/2",7" and 8" cirkut thickness forte film (either 200 or 400-haven't decided which yet). I got good pricing a few years ago when I got 400 feet of 16" film, but wouldn't mind going in with others for this order. Does anyone want any of these sizes of film?
    The 6 1/2 works for the 6 outfit and larger, the 7" would be for my al vista, which I've just started using and really enjoying, and the 8 would fit an 8 outfit or larger. Last film came on 100 foot rolls.Don't have any costs yet, but wanted to check interest. Anyone interested? It would take a bit to arrange and order.
    Jamie Young in madison WI

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    I'm very interested in participating for #6 or #8 size 400 preferred, but 200 gratefully accepted. It surely would ease some of my learning curve pain, and be fun besides.

    I recall you inquired about Kodak color. I found this and have ordered a couple of rolls that Cecil had on hand. He retired a coupla years ago.

    I tried the Kodak number and was put on ignore/hold for longer than I could wait.

    From a website:

    > Kodak 10"x6' Portra 160 NC-Cat #847 0940. No minimum.
    >400 speed10"x6' Cat# 157 5109 I don't recall which 400 speed emulsion this is. >Minimum order is 100 rolls. Cecil Simpson (listed below) usually coordinates an order >of 400 film at least once a year.
    >Kodak also accepts special orders for 10" bulk rolls of Portra 160 NC. Cat# 1152867 >Can't remember the length. Minimum of 10 rolls. I have been told that the problem >with supplying spooled film is both the labor and the supplies (boxes, spools, leaders, >foil sleeves), hopefully the bulk film will be available even after the factory spooled >film is gone.
    >Kodak's toll free information number in the US is 800-242-2424. Ext 19 will get you to >Professional Imaging where you can find out about current availability of these items.

    >Cecil Simpson orders 10"x6' Portra 160 NC with no minimum and generally has the >absolute lowest price. He also puts together orders for 400 speed 10"x6'. While the >retail price of the 400 is only a bit more than the 160, actual selling price is >considerably higher because of a different discount structure.
    >Box 774
    >High Rolls NM, 88325

    Please keep me informed and thanks



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