I wonder if anybody has any experience of using an adapter that Iíve very occasionally seen on eBay that connects a Nikon Ai AIS lens to a Hasselblad Xpan, body?

This was recommended for use with a Nikon PC-Nikkor 28mm f/3.5, which I already own, (as well as a Schneider PC Super Angulon 28mm f/2.8 that is available in a Nikon mount).

As the 30mm Xpan lens now seems to be available on eBay for around £1500 (and often over £1600 in dealerís lists) itís very unlikely that Iíll ever be able to afford one, and so this might represent a more affordable option. I wonder if APUG members have any experience of how successfully this might work or whether there are too many pitfalls involved?

I am aware that the PC lens has a very wide image area, although the guy selling the adapter admitted that, even so, there was still some very slight vignetting to the corners, but I am more concerned with the fact that there will, obviously, be no focus coupling. I presume that Iíll therefore have to use the scale focus on the lens, but will this focus accurately on the film plane of the camera at wider apertures? I also wonder what people do regarding a viewfinder? Have people who might have used such an adapter any suggestions as to suitable alternative viewfinders that I might be able to use? I presume that even so, Iíll have to somehow mask off the required panorama shape for the lens?

Any comments much appreciated.