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No other camera brand will have as many lenses to choose from as Nikon.
All manual focus Nikon lenses will work on your F. As already mentioned the more modern DX lenses will not work and the G lenses will not either since they don't have any direct or mechanical apperture adjustment.
Almost true. The Pentax K has a much larger selection, and the 42mm screw mount universe is probably even larger.

Pentax K lenses were made by Pentax, Ricoh and a large number of third-party lens makers. The 42mm screw-mount lenses were made by Japanese and German makers, giving you a huge selection from which to choose. A K mount camera offers tremendous flexibility, by being able to take K-mount lenses and 42mm screw-mount lenses via an adapter.

But I agree that Nikon has done a good job at backward compatibility, unlike other makers, notably Canon.