in all honesty I wouldnt enlarge a 7x17 negative shot with this lens.
well, in all honesty, I dont think Ill ever enlarge a 7x17 negative at all given the logistics and sheer cumbersome it would likely be.

back to the lens, its just not the sharpest tool in the shed. Kerik was spot on about his comment earlier in this thread, about the lens being somewhat soft in the corners. It also doesnt have a huge image circle. The corners are black in that interior shot but given the scene it seems passable.
I imagine that the coverage would increase a bit if I had the lens elements screwed into a copal #3 with the smaller f64+ aperture. As the barrel mount stops down to f45.
I mounted it on my 8x10 and the coverage was pretty good along with it looking pretty sharp throughout the GG.
Havent shot any 8x10 film though.

basically, it suffices just fine for contact printing 7x17. It will have limited usage I think, Id like to shoot some more and find out if it will work or not.