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I've never used a Trigor, but I had a Kern 14" Dagor briefly. It 'covered' 7x17 but was unacceptably soft in the corners. My crusty old Goerz 14" dagor with some front cell separation puts the Kern to shame. And it easily covers 14x17.
Same here. I replaced the Kern 14" Dagor with a 305mm G-Claron and got a lot more coverage, even with the shorter focal length. Then I replaced the 305 g-Claron with a 305mm Computar, and got a lot more coverage still.

As for the older Dagors, just be aware that actual coverage is all over the book. I have seen some 12" and 14" Dagors that will cover 12X20, and a 16.5" Dagor that vignetted severely on this format. So my advice would be to never make any assumptions about Dagors. These lenses were made for almost 100 years by dozens of different manufacturers in the US and in Europe and they do vary tremendously in terms of both coverage and performance.

However, the 14" Kern Dagor is widely known to offer much less coverage than most of the older 14" Dagors and I would not consider it a very useful lens for ULF work in 11X14 or 7X17 and larger.