Picked up an Argyle 18 Process camera from a print shop in Berkley that had converted to digital. It was free, but came with an 210mm f9 Computar

Then had a thought, I could probably convert this beast to a studio camera. I have a 16" f3.5 Vitax Portrait lens that is way too heavy for any camera I have. Well up until now. Making the lensboard should be straightforward. For the film taking end I was thinking of making two backs using an 8x10 and 11x14 back. I have an old 8x10 back I can put into service - now need to keep my eyes peeled for an old "junker" 11x14 back.

The camera also has a vacuum back and takes film up to 14"x18". While I would not need the vacuum back for the camera it makes a pretty good printing easel.

If anyone is interested I can post a few pictures of the beast. Actually there was one up on EBay - located in Sunnyvale; and this one has a 210mm APO Gerogon.