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    I'd try an "oyster" design to get all in one: carriage, camera, tripod and cover. Its basis could be a jumbo trolley ( aluminium) whose reinforced bottom will become the camera bed and the tripod base ( folding legs outside). Handle and its rails would be replaced by a stronger "telescopic" construction to carry the front standard which alternatively could be inserted in- or outside the "oyster" for shooting; rear standard should provide all movements and fine-focusing, and will be collapsible ...

    There are good alu suitcases (trolleys) on the market which almost cry to be converted into such a shooting capsule for film sizes up to 30x40cm or even bigger.

    Just a rough idea.

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    My 2c

    These are some of my main questions.

    1. Would you buy a camera made from aluminum or would you only buy a wooden camera? no pref, but mis matched metals are an issue

    2. What is more important rigidity or light weight? First rigidity followed by portability low weight doesn't equal portability

    3. How important is it to you that the camera is beautiful? Is it a tool, or a showpiece or both? tool

    4. What features can you live without? What features can you not live without? can not live without short lenses or rear and front rise and fall

    5. Would you pay twice as much for a camera that had graduated movements and detent stops? geard (is that what you meant) movements are great, but detents are more important

    6. Do you use triple extension bellows often enough to add 50% to the price? not for me

    7. Synthetic bellows are less expensive and more weather resistant than leather. Would bellows material be a deciding factor in your purchase and do you think there should be a choice? nope

    8. Do you REALLY need rise and fall on the back? $$$$$$ ether rear r/f or a ton up front


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