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    good timing, if you had done it 4 weeks earlier this would not have been the case. He was making 50 I believe 8x20 film holders for some one over seas and I had to wait for him to finish that first so he could make my stabilizer, which means I would think he made more than one set and had it finished by the time you ordered. I have installed my wind stabilizer and the following is my assessment.
    1) all parts are of top quality
    2) had no problem installing the permanent parts.
    3) at max extension my 8x20 is very rigid, making the stabilizer worth getting.
    4) every one says it take forever to put together. It does take about 5 mins to put on the camera, but if you are using a ULF cameras, don't think you are going to get a fast shot. Plus if you are going to continue to shot, then just take off the bar and leave the rest till you are done.

    Alan makes a great product but I didn't like the fact that Fred Newman had to say he was sorry several time because of the wait. NOT GOOD BUSINESS!!

    Capturing an image is only one step of the long chain of events to create a beautiful Photograph, I think, maybe not, well I think so, or do I.

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    The AWB WSK is one of those things that I feel happy about when I look at it and see it in place on the camera. I'm using it with a Korona 12X20 and it helps--along with other modifications I've made-- to bring an old camera into the realm of a stable, modern device. The WSK is precisely machined of aircraft aluminum, fits together and comes apart easily, doesn't weigh much and takes up very little room in its carry pouch. I just leave the mounting brackets on my camera all the time (I have a set on my 8X10 as well) so all I have to do is slide the rod in and tighten the thumb screws after I get the camera focused. The only problem I've had is remembering to loosen the screws on the rod before adjusting focus or taking down the camera--just a habit that's not firmly in place yet, nothing to do with the product itself.
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