Scott- yes let's most definitely unite after the holidays and try some stuff out. Incidentally, if I wind up stayng in the DC area, I might have interest in some darkroom space. But I was putting serious thought into trying for space at the torpedo factory. I find it beyond comprehension that they have no darkroom in there and I am sure I can make a very strong case. My thought was to set up a camera obscura and various lines for alt printing. The do have some analogue work in there but only a little. And I don't think it's nearly good enough to have a few analogue prints in a bin next to digital ones, with nothing there to make the case for handmade prints. People come in not knowing anything about the work behind the analogue prints... and they leave not knowing anything about the work behind the analogue prints.

Michael, foremost I would say the first thing is to get hold of the Haist book, which honestly I am only about half way through and it is very informative. Formulas for MM1 etc can be had online. There is but one difficulty that I have encountered so far with monobath, namely that some of the reactants don't dissolve easily. A good mixer is very helpful. Anyway, Scott and I will give it a go before long and report in another thread.

If I ever set up a public space to demo deving and printing, it'll probably be based on monobath.