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    Apr 2010
    North America just north of that sharp right turn North America makes on the Atlantic coast.
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    It depends on what camera I'm taking where. I just loaded a Nikon backpack with lots of glass and a Nikon FA, and a cheep padded shoulder ready bag with a N90s with a Tamron lens on it for a weekend trip to PA.

    I have leather cases made by Kodak for most of my Kodaks, a suitcase made for my Nikonos, and a hard sided padded case that I bought at Walmart I keep my Pentax 6X7 in. I also have a Lopro bag that can be used as a fanny pack, or backpack, it would be a huge fanny pack though, I normally carry it over my shoulder.

    I also have a footlocker type trunk that I can bring all my gear in if I really wanted to.

    It all depends on the destination, terrain, mode of travel, and what I want to shoot with. I have been known to carry a medium format folder in my pocket for fun as well.
    "Would you like it if someone that painted in oils told you that you were not making portraits because you were using a camera?"
    "Shouldn't it be more about the joy of producing and viewing the photo than what you paid for the camera?"


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    May 2006
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    I haven't weighed the case separately but it's fairly heavy. If you were going to backpack this you wouldn't carry all the crap I put in mine. (and you could use a smaller case.)
    8x20 2D (modified) 17#
    300mm Metrogon 6#
    600mm Apo Ronar 3#
    420 Apo Nikkor 1#
    4 Filmholders ?#
    Dark cloth ?#
    Meter ?#
    2D Extension rail 1#
    Filters ?#
    Misc ?#

    Loaded case 70#

    I've also got 15# of a Gitzo tripod that's not in the case.

    That's why all this stuff is on wheels or in the truck.

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    Sep 2005
    ULarge Format
    I checked the Calumet site and the case weighs 30 lbs. without Johns additions. The Calumet case though is only $210 list and I have an idea that the Pelican case #1650 which is similar is quite a bit more than that.............TW

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