Stumbled into this today ...

In the Boyer gallery, located at the Hill School Center for the Arts in Pottstown, PA (Sheridan & Beech Streets) they have an exhibit of work by Jungjin Lee. Large prints (57 x 21 inches as an example) made by sensitizing mulberry paper and printing on it. It is up through October 19.

An on-line example of her work here and the show info here.

Since 1991, I have dealt with handmade Korean paper, Hanji, mulberry paper, with the photosensitive emulsion named Liquid Light. It is hand-coating work in the darkroom. Since mulberry paper itself deeply absorbs the emulsion, the tone of the image comes out from deep inside of the paper unlike the regular photograph where the image is lying on the paper.
Ms Lee is internationally known and has had exhibits in New York, Paris and Tokyo and has work in major museums. This exhibit wound up in Pottstown because her son is a student at The Hill - it's amazing how things sometimes happen.

The only problem is that the gallery hours tend to be weekdays 9 - 4:30 unless there is some special event going on.