Hmmm, do I reallly have to chose a winner?

This one to me was one of the hardest to pick a winner: I love all shots!
The real winner has to be APUG, with such great photographers making up its membership!

Thanks a lot for the great participation, folks! It's been a real privilege to watch this one.

But I have to pick a MSA winner...

The closest of calls between Barbara's runner and sand (amazing shot, that one!), Sparks' fishing and photo folks, Sly's cars and kid, Bertus' amazing shots, Ken's amazing aircraft (I wish I could spare the time to visit Australia's aviation museum at Temora, NSW!).

Dang, I gotta pick one...

Ah well, here goes: Bertus, you're it!
That Lotus is just the ticket: it evokes so many sunny weekends of my youth, driving around just for the pure pleasure of getting the wind through my hair...

Mine was a Toy MR2, not a Lotus. But the end result was the same feeling. Yup, it brings back so many memories.

And that's one of the things photography is very good at and supposed to do: remind us of past moments - good and bad.

Take it away, my friend.

Given that Sly can't do the next one, perhaps you'd be so kind as to undertake the task of running the July/August MSA?
I do apologize once again for having "stolen" the first 3 days of it.