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Well it was a tough choice for me deciding a winner, what with the excellent stories that accompanied your images. I had to stew about it for a couple of days and see what drew my eye every time I came back to the gallery and looked at the entries. In the end, and to show that I think some merits should be awarded besides first place, I've picked a third, second and first place winner in the following order.

Third place goes to Ice Cream Hangout by FilmSprocket. Love the colors and the story as it reminds me so much of having ice cream on the benches with my sibilings where we were always interested in what the others had gotten to eat. Great shot. Second place goes to Barbara for Summer Nights. A unique shot and great story reminds me of the times I've spent on porch's sipping a drink in the cool evenings and thinking about life or chatting away and laughing with my friends. Really nice Barb. You were just a hair away from grabbing it again but I had to award First place to Straw Hat by Sly. The really strong graphic image drew my eye every time I came back to the gallery and even tho it didn't have a strong story, it is an image that pulls you in. I can feel the warmth of the sun in the shot, and it reminds me of sitting on docks out in lakes after a nice cool dip on a hot summers day as I dreamed within while looking off in the distance glassy eyed. Warm sun, teenage years and no cares; What a life. Add in the Infrared film and I think it's a winner in my book. Very very nice Sly. So thanks all for entering and I hope everyone enjoyed the entries as much as I did; I'm sure John will be enjoying his with some bacon on some toast with some.....
Well, once again great minds think alike! When I "disappeared" and you graciously chose the topic for July/August, you picked exactly what I would have. Now, you've gone and picked Straw Hat which is the one I had decided was the best! Are we on the same wavelength or what! Anyway, thanks for the nod to my Summer Nights. It is appreciated. Believe it or not, I almost didn't take the shot. I rarely have success with night photos but (thanks to the champagne) decided to take a chance. Hope you will be posting in the S/O assignment...
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barbara ann