I am new to this forum but also attended one of Fay's Duckspool workshops back in 1992. Equipment Fay used was a Minolta CLE (Leica lenses) for her 35mm work. Medium format was a Hasselblad with 80mm or 50mm lenses. 6 x 9 format was a Linhoff Baby Technika.

Her technique for film exposure, and development was really very basic. Expose for shadows and develop for the highlights. Fay used a Pentax digital spotmeter and used a very basic zone analysis. Her favorite film and dev combination used most often was Agfa APX100 developed in Tetenal Ultrafin at 1:30 dilution with agitation every 30 seconds. All Agfa film got a pre-soak and that pre-soak solution was poured into a container that had the correct volume of developer concentrate to bring the soup up to correct overall volume for her tank. Temp was rechecked, and the mixed soup was returned into the dev tank. The tank was constantly agititated for the first minute, then a couple of inversions every 30 seconds. 12 mins total. The resulting negs were wonderfully detailed, and very printable.

This combination was all I used afterwards as it was so repeatable, and worked more consistently than I was able to produce with other film and dev combinations I had tried.

Other film used was TriX (not sure on the dev used) Printing was usually done on Agfa Record Rapid graded paper with a DeVere 504 bench top enlarger, and a Cold Cathode head. She also experimented with Ilford Multigrade in some instances. At Duckspool, we learnt about how she used paper pre-flashing techniques to bring down overall contrast. This class was a great inspiration to me and something I will remember. Not sure if Peter Goldfield is still holding classes anymore. He has sold all of his darkroom equipment and gone 100% digital.