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    Salgado was one of the photographers that made prints available to us for free when I did work for Doctors Without Borders. It was a fair exchange because some of the images he wanted were at MSF clinics and hospitals.

    I always enjoyed working with him. I can't comment on the two movies Les saw since I didn't see them, or what the other Magnum shooters think.

    I thought his prints were nice and always liked to use his work in MSF publications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masuro View Post
    I like his work very much and I was lucky enough to see a few of his photographs at an History of Photography exhibit in Seoul. His book Essays was on sale for a good price but, alas, sold out by the time I got there.
    The iceberg shot reminds me of photos of gothic cathedrals I have seen. Beautiful sky. The trains and the people moving between them look like worms to me. Mechanical worms and a mass-of-people worm. Great photograph.
    Does anyone know what kind of camera he uses for his photographs? Large format? 35mm?
    He was shooting 35mm Leica (M & R) but has "graduated" to a Mamiya 7, if I recall correctly.

    Salgado's printer is Philippe Bachelier

    Migrations and Workers are the books to get....

    "What Would Zeus Do?"
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    It was interesting to read Les' words. For me Salgado will always make beautiful photographs, but they don't resonate with a great depth to me. Whenever someone mentions Salgado, I always also think of Nachtwey as well. I saw his prints before I knew who he was and was floored by them. Salgado has never had that effect on me. After learning more about Nachtwey and his images, I believe it is easy to see that he is the real deal all the way down to his soul. Maybe that is why his images are so powerful, more so than Salgado's. Though I will say it again, Salgado is a great photographer, probably one of the best ever, regardless of his ego or why he makes images.


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