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    Make the chemicals yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by gandolfi View Post
    I have tried:
    Teltenal "Work" emulsion
    Kentmere SE1 emulsion
    "Liquid light" (rockland?)
    FOMA emulsion
    MACO multigrade

    They are very different in use and how thsy look! (and also in the pricing...)

    TETENAL (one coating), fairly thin, but effective. beautiful black almost shiny surface. (but FAR too expensive)

    KENTMERE SE1 is like hot cream in consistance. really easy to use (one coating). not too expensive. surface matt. (once we could get it in 5 liters quantity, and then it got real cheap, so then my favourite for teaching)

    "Liquid Light" (long time since I tried this one..): expensive - difficult to apply to the paper (turned gray SO easily (could be my mistake) - VERY beautiful tones when successful.

    MACO. (couldnt make it work!. didn't react well to filters.)

    FOMA emulsion. only downside is that it requires two coatings. cheaper than most emulsions I know of, easy to coat evenly (plus side of two coatings) and very receptive to different developers. (one can use different developers as contrast controls). extreamly beautiful semi glossy surface with true blacks (if desired)
    "Born" to be used as emulsion for Bromoil (whereas KENTMERE is HARD to use for bromoil)

    most fun: make your own! can be done with only two chemicals - some gelatine and destilled water. And it actuslly can look really beautiful!

    Hello Gandolfi,

    If I wanted to make this myself, how could I do this? Is it also possible when you have limited knowledge of chemicals? I know how to develop film, paper, worked with liquid light but thats about it.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    All the best,
    Remco van den Bosch

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    Welcome to APUG Remoco

    Have a look at this Post. This is a Kodak leaflet telling you exactly how to make an emulsion. It does work I experimented with it back in 1976.


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