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    Emulsion Making Classes at Photographers Formulary

    For those that haven't seen yet, the Photographers Formulary is offering a couple classes taught by our own Denise Ross this summer. The first one is -

    "Hancrafted Silver Gelatin Paper" will be from June 13-18, 2010. Cost is $ 725.00.

    The focus of the class is "making artisan black & white silver gelatin paper" and Denise will show you how to turn your own home workspace into an emulsion making 'lab'. Of one of Denise's glass emulsion well kit is included with the course.

    I've held Denise's hand made silver gelatin paper and they are of such high quality the you would be surprised that someone made it by hand!

    Here's a link to the Formulary's web site that has the full class discription:

    The second class Denise is giving is -
    "Beginning Dry Plate Photography" from Aug. 29 - Sept. 3, 2010, Cost is $725.00.

    Denise will show everything you need to know to get started photographing with handcrafted silver gelatin negatives, both glass plate and film-based.

    You will learn to make two basic emulsions, plus the vocabulary and techniques to craft custom emulsions. In addition, you will learn about glass snapping and finishing, subbed film, cameras and plate holders, and exposure and processing. This is a very hands-on class, pulling many skills together.

    Here's a link for the page listing more info on the Dry Plate class:

    In the spirit of disclosure, I have agreed to be the lab assistant for at least one of Denise's classes.
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    Thanks for the plug, Kirk!

    I'm very much looking forward to teaching with Kirk again. We had a great time with our 'Dry Plate Weekend' the summer before last. We make a good team. The combination of our interests and skill sets seem to cover most of the bases. Also, Kirk assisted Ron Mowrey ('PE') at his emulsion making survey course at the Formulary a couple of years ago.

    I have to honestly say I think participants will go home with a lot of new skills. Before the workshop I will be in contact with everyone participating and will make every effort both to touch on individual interests and to fill in any missing photography or darkroom skills. It can't be assumed anymore that everyone wanting to take a photography workshop has extensive darkroom experience, or in the case of dry plate photography, knows their way around a view camera. Those shouldn't be sticking points - and won't be - for either the paper making or dry plate workshops.


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    I attended Kirk and Denise's Dry Plate Weekend May 2008 --- it was outstanding.
    You should attend this workshop if you have any interest in dry plate or making your own handcrafted B&W Gelatin paper.
    Both of them are outstanding as instructors - you'll go away with all your questions answered.



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