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If your work is able to be conducted in a wide choice of locations perhaps connectivity is important to you? Different areas in Oz have better or worse standards as it is a big country. Some places in little Tasmania have the new super fast NBN connection for communications, as have some other ares. My home, 80 km from Sydney doesn't and I use ADSL. If this is important you'd need to check out the current state of the ongoing roll-out of the NBN.

Otherwise, Melbourne always looks like a photogenic city to me when I'm there--Sydney does have its points.

Melbourne and Sydney are probably the best choices for gear and film (although that is becoming scarce and expensive. Vanbar (Melbourne and Sydney stores) are major suppliers, see: http://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/index.php

If you don't choose to process and print yourself the better cities are also Melbourne and Sydney.
Thanks, internet access is important as I need to have fast connection with work.