There must be somebody in Oz who wants a King Concepts Image Maker. For them as what don't know what it is... it's a large box (made in the US) containing a temp-controlled water bath system for holding and auto-dosing the mixed chemicals, plus rollers, and drums of all sizes for auto-processing C41, E6 and whatever.

It handles stuff from 35 to 20x16. Process your own stuff or experiment with something new.

The good news is that it's not the electronic version - it's reliable mechanical version ( change pins on control drums to make it do what you want) It spent all its, pampered, working life on Sydney Uni campus)

The bad news... it's in Launceston. It's a large, weighty object, probably about 30kilos. Full instructions but we'll be happy to help set it up if needed(depending on where you are)

The hard part... how much ? let's talk about it.