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    The entrenched problem in Australia is that many sectors of the Art world are seen as backward, romantic crap, and hardly warrant a passing mention (at least a skilled, professional, balanced mention) in media — print or web. Photography is out of favour in Art schools for the same reason: it's still not widely accepted as a legitimate art form and digital isn't doing the established doyens in traditional photography any favours! I take an active interest in the traditional arts (brush+canvas, drawing etc.)observing the huge amount of interest these fields get compared to photography. That the ABC cut its Sunday Arts program is typical of 'trimming fat' where it is not needed, presumably on the premise of "diminished relevance" or lack of interest? Well, that's one more timeslot I can put to good use behind a camera someplace...

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    Artistes ruin it. Dorks, nerds and jocks ruin it. Fake, one dimensional people.
    Im not saying all are one dimensional but
    The grade, high schools and universities?
    If you can walk into a busy 4th grade class and immediately tell where the majority of those kids belong
    with any certainty
    writing letters to whomever you're writing them to is wasted effort

    You have a much bigger problem than what is on TV or even taught in schools
    In that one hour a day of "music class" ain't changing shT

    Most have HUGEEEEEEEE issues with the way I write
    Most would simply write me off as having nothing much worth listening to

    I'm just saying.

    I enjoy about everything under the sun and don't want anything cut in order to gain more of something else
    ..unless you can cut "news" completely out of the picture for me
    Why no news? ..not all that interested in how someone is fuc*ing up the world.
    I love sports ...all of em
    I paint
    I take photos
    made my own clay and kiln from resources off the property ..just because
    I listen to all kinds of music
    I love to laugh and take long walks on the beach at night
    I garden
    I'm like a cat whisperer lol
    I watch interior decorating shows
    I used to write poetry to piss off a HS english teacher who said we couldn't do so because she was trying to get better at it herself?
    I'm meticulous
    straight A student who could barely pass a subject because at some point doing homework meant more than a 95%
    I have a high IQ and will outwork anyone
    I'm extremely competitive
    not a sore loser
    I will challenge anyone at just about anything just to get better at whatever -that- happens to be
    probably not car repair or anything mathmatical ..though I did always to try to find my own ways of solving problems
    and even found a few much simpler than whatever they were teaching at the time but wasn't allowed to do that so I just did that and for every 10 questions I'd fail miserably on 6 of em and squeak out a pass with an 85% on finals
    but probably will bog down with auto repair

    I'm just game
    So what?
    I think you need more gamers
    people who truly care
    Maybe I care crazily, I dunno ..probably
    Too many people in management -or in training- willing to just soak people and run
    telling them that they have no obligation
    Just dominate their slice of land, fortify it then "buy" everything else they "need" to survive from those slaving away to get their own even tinier slice
    and when they start losing money like Nicholas Cage demand that without a drop and/or rise in prices the system will go belly up but what really happens:rolleyes: is
    crap television commercials
    labor day
    and grass root religions
    maybe drugs ..but perhaps drugs is just a speculative wal mart getting its product out

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    Now Mr Sun of Sand, if you could just set that dissertation to music (I know nothing about rap, but it has that feeling) you could be onto something!

    Regards - Ross

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
    Earlier this year, I wrote to the big media moguls asking for more exposure to art in the mainstream... Yes, there is Art on TV and in society, but you have to know what you're looking for and go searching for it.
    Just watch the German-made (English language) "Euromax" newscasts on your local "Community TV" channel (Channel 31 in SA).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBrunner View Post
    ....TV will continue to deliver the drivel that holds the masses attention long enough to show an advert. Television programming is the filler between the adverts. Most people never get this. TV is about TV commercials and nothing else.
    While reading through this thread I was wondering when someone would state the truth about TV.

    Jason, your last statement said it all and should be the end of any discussion about TV. It was that way in the beginning and remains that way today, and there is no chance it will change in the future. Even the programing now mimics the commercials - lots of noise, colors, and fast action to hold your attention for the next advert., or string of adverts.

    I personally think TV is on its way out, anyway, as long as the current logic of adding more programs attracts more customers as if more is a better deal. Most people I know say "TV stinks". They spend more time looking (scrolling) for something interesting to watch than actually watching an entire program. What can be more boring than that? Maybe the answer is watching the adverts instead of getting burned out in the search..

    Watching the games in HD is now the big attractor. It sells the big screen TV.
    "Pictures are not incidental frills to a text; they are essences of our distinctive way of knowing." Stephen J. Gould

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    The only "news" worth watching is SBS. Sadly, even ABC TV has been sucked into the tabloid vortex. ABC AM radio still has some credibility and JJJ is a shadow of what it should and could be to younger/alternative listeners - vacuous presenters as bad as anything on commercial radio and a relentless stream or tits and bums innuendo.

    But is it any surprise after 11 years of John (Mr rugby jumper) Howard and sadly Kevin Rudd is not far behind him in terms of support or appreciation of arts. At least with leaders like Keating and Whitlam there was a sense the arts might get a look in on the national agenda. I can still remember the furore from "mainstream" Australia when Blue Poles was purchased. Now it is one of the most loved (and valuable) pieces in the national gallery. Leadership in this area is hard and a political no win in the short term. You can forget about any commercial media caring about it unless it's somehow driving advertising dollars.

    I was thinking the other day about two events in Australia which attract people to something they are otherwise not normally interested in. The Melbourne Cup and the Archibald portrait prize. Both get people interested in horse racing and the arts for a few days every year. Both involve a contest and winners and losers. Maybe the secret's in there somewhere? There needs to be some form of competition but many artistic people find this objectionable. How about a new TV show called MasterBrush along the lines of Master Chef. Artists spend a week creating a piece and bring it into the studio to be assessed and critiqued by famous artists and the audience gets to vote on their favourite? Can we pitch that one to Jamie Packer? No?!

    Anyway, good on you Nicole for taking the fight up.

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    We only receive three TV channels. One of them is SBS. I am quite amazed about the movies SBS are showing. For example, on Monday afternoon this week one could see Theo Angelopoulos' "The Weeping Meadow." On the next day, there was an interesting Eqyptian movie at the same time and so on. I lived for long periods (i.e. at least two years per country) in three different European countries (D,NL,UK). I received about ten times as much channels but had less opportunities than here to watch European movies outside the mainstream on TV. The only thing I can't understand are the screening times. I would be more than happy to see an Angelopoulos movie at 9pm. At 1pm is seems misplaced.

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    I get all the news I need form the weather report

    not quite the exact quote from Simon And Garfunkel — The Only Living Boy In New York

    mostly I watch BBC world service

    and I want reindeer and moose

    Kodak Duaflex II with kodet lens
    N75 N8008s D60
    Yashica - D
    Only a photographer knows the true value of infinity

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    I don't watch TV any more (apart from, ahem, World Cup). I try not to read news, but it's hard with headlines all over most websites. I think if anyone expects politicians of any colour to support arts in a major (and meaningful) way, they're in for a long wait. It's also quite debatable whether we would want that in the end; the state sponsored art tends to suffocate everything that is not (state sponsored). The Internet offers real alternatives (such as this very one here), albeit they are electrons and photons, perhaps not tangible enough.

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    Thought I'd resurrect this one since TV intelligence and artistic merit has continued to decline.

    It's sad society today has to conform to "mainstream thinking" set by a few boardmembers.

    Don't tell me it can't be done. Collectively we can make the world a better, healthier, more interesting place..... if you are willing.

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