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    Melbourne, Vic, Australia
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    I'll be able to supply chemicals and devs (Melb), possibly via mail order too

    I'm moving to Melb tomorrow.

    I'm working on my own colour negative developer yet - I wont call it C-41 because it's simply not, though I intend it for use with C-41 films.

    I recently got a Minolta Dual Scan II - still need a power supply for it - so I'll supply some raw scan tests from it and a V500, which should let you know of quality - esp if you've scanned the same or similar films on the same or similar scanners before, I'll have to do a comparison methinks.

    Anyway still workng on it, got some tweaks to do, it's unorthodox, but I hope to offer both economy and quality with it.

    I'm also getting pretty darn at making home made rodinal or 'parodinal', and can offer it and others like a 'diafine' clone. (I can make a comparison with the bottle of R09 I have from Vanbar which I think I'll do once I get to melbs and myr removalists deliver all my stuffs).

    Obviously this is for those who cannot or do not wish to mix their own stuff up.

    I'll be staying in Ringwood for pick-up, though I'll probably travel to the CBD once a week at least, so can meet for an exchange in the city too.

    Possible for me to get a courier account that takes chems and ship my stuff if there is enough interest.

    I can also offer some Kodak Ektacolor 160 Pro in 120, at $20/5 pack for a limited time if you do not wish to import from Korea.

    edit: please note i'm arriving in Melb via plane tomorrow and it'll probably take me 2 weeks to get settled in and up to speed on testing and stuff.
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    Welcome to Melbourne!! Quite a few APUG-ers here....




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