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    Darkroom Printing Workshops?

    G'day all,

    I've thought for a while that attending a workshop of some sort would be a good idea, a fun way to meet other artists and learn from some knowledgeable folks at the same time. Late last year I was hoping to go to Richard White's photo workshop down on the Great Ocean Road, but got a little put off after reading all the reviews written by digital shooters. Don't get me wrong, the reviews were fantastic, and their results were probably great too and I have no problem with anyone's method of 'capture', it was just that I had assumed he conducted predominantly large format workshops.

    Now it's the new year, I have a significant birthday coming up and my dear wife wants to shout me something special. I'd still love to attend a workshop, but have been thinking that I would get a lot out of a darkroom printing workshop. I think I get as much out of doing photo trips with fellow photographers as I would from a workshop, just without the price tag.

    I feel my photography (at the picture taking stage) is bringing me enough inspiration and new things to keep me busy and looking for the next great shot, however, at the printing stage I feel I am definitely not stretching my abilities. I learnt darkroom printing originally from my Dad as a kid and it was quite basic in that our aim was to get a sharp picture on the paper with black blacks and white whites on graded paper. Through hanging out with other printers since then I've pocked up on extra 'flourishes' like split grade printing etc, other than that though, I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut.

    So, the point of this long and whiney post, is to ask if anyone can recommend any good black and white printing workshops around? I'm currently down in Geelong, Vic, but would happily venture throughout Vic, and possibly beyond, to find the right one. I'd be looking at doing it later in the year, closer to my birthday, and when home things (such as babies...) have all settled down a bit and I actually ave time to dedicate to the darkroom again.

    Excited to hear any you guys can recommend!


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    I did one of Richard White's darkroom workshops a couple of years ago. He usually holds them around June/July in Mansfield. I learnt a lot and it was definitely all wet based- no digi in site. (I hate the word 'capture') He's doing it again in July- well worth it (http://www.richardwhite.com.au/works...print#workshop) but damn cold in Mansfield then...

    Chris at Blanco Negro in Sydney runs workshops there (http://www.schoolsilvergelatin.com/SSG/front.html) and sometimes does workshops at Gold Street Studios in Trentham- in fact he just did some there at the end of last year. Ellies webside (http://www.goldstreetstudios.com.au/...rkshoplist.htm) suggests he'll be doing it again in September this year.

    Should be something there to take your fancy. By the way, I'm not sure that babies ever settle down a bit. They just get bigger and less settled down...


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    David Tatnall is running a LF wilderness thing through Goldstreet as well.



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