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    GAF/Ansco/Agfa 110 Direct Brown-Black Paper Developer

    GAF/Ansco/Agfa 110 Direct Brown-Black Paper Developer
    Water (125 deg F)---------------------750 ml
    Sodium Sulfite (Anhydrous)------------57.0 grams
    Sodium Carbonate (Anhydrous)--------75.0 grams
    Potassium Bromide (KBr)----------------2.75 grams
    Cold water to make-------------------------1.0 liter

    For use dilute 1 part stock solution with 5 parts water.
    Give prints 3 to 4 times normal exposure and devlop 5 to 7 minutes at 68 deg. F ( 20 deg. C)

    For a harder working developer use a 1:4 dilution instead of a 1:5 dilution and reduce either the developing time or the exposure.

    For warmer tones, add more KBr

    For colder tones reduce or remove KBr and/or add Benzotriazole

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    Comments from previous article system:

    By Peter Schrager - 04:21 PM, 10-22-2005 Rating: None
    Used this with FortePolywarmtone Plus. 1:5 is way too brown/wishywashy. 1:4 is better but it's a matter of personal taste. Need to go back and try it adding the benzo and maybe some 10% sod. carbonate mix. Will post back..Peter Schrager

    By Tom Hoskinson - 01:30 AM, 10-24-2005 Rating: None
    Thanks, Peter. Looking forward to your results.

    By Gerald Koch - 06:44 PM, 10-25-2005 Rating: None
    Regretably, after WWII and the confiscation of all Agfa assets in the US as war reparation, some formulas were renumbered. This causes a great deal of confusion since a formula with the same number may have an entirely different composition depending on whether it is Agfa or Ansco. My reference to Agfa 110 from a european collection lists it as a high contrast developer containing 26 g of sodium hydroxide.

    By Tom Hoskinson - 07:12 PM, 08-12-2006 Rating: None
    Formulas for Photographic Use, published 1939 by the Agfa Ansco Corporation, contains the Agfa 110 formula on page 22. This formula is identical to the Morgan and Morgan, 1977 formula that I posted - with one exception:

    It calls out 75 grams of monohydrated sodium carbonate versus the 75 grams of anhydrous sodium carbonate called out in the Morgan and Morgan, 1977 recipe.

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    There is definitely a discrepency between Agfa formula numbering in the US and Europe. There are several references to this on the web. It is therefore dangerous to assume that a particular Agfa formula is the same as an Ansco/GAF formula. Some formulas are the same but others are totally different even though the numbers may be the same. I collect formulas and this caused me some grief until I ran across this fact.



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