I found this recipe in Scovill's Photographic Series and thought it might be useful for working with ortho films - it works wonderfully with Adox Ortho 25 with no loss of speed and yielding great tonality.

A. potassium oxalate 100g
distilled water 400ml

B. ferrous sulfate 50g
distilled water 150ml
sulfuric acid (48%) 3 drops

C. 10% potassium bromide solution

D. 1% sodium thiosulfate solution (that's 1%, i.e. 1g in 100ml water)

A basic developer is composed of three parts A and one part B. C is the restrainer - a few drops is all you need. D is an accelerator - again only a few drops needed, if at all.

For those wonderful negatives with Adox Ortho film:
300ml part A, 60ml part B, 3 drops part C, and 2 drops of D. Full development takes 10 minutes, agitate for first minute, then for 5 seconds every 30 seconds. Water stop. Fix.