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    Kodak HE-1 - Hypo Eliminator

    Water - 16 fl. oz. - 500mL - 20 fl. oz.
    Hydrogen Peroxide (3% soln., commercial grade) - 4 fl. oz. - 125mL - 5 fl. oz.
    Ammonia - 3 1/4 fl. oz. - 100.0mL - 4 1/16 fl. oz.
    Water to make - 32 U.S. fl. oz. - 1L - 40 Imp. fl. oz.

    Wash the prints for about 30 minutes at 65 to 70 deg. F (18-20 deg. C). Use running water with enough replenishment to allow one complete water volume replacement per five minute interval.

    Immerse prints in HE-1 for 6 min. at 70 deg. F (21 deg. C)

    Wash ten more minutes in running water, then dry.

    Solution lifespan: about 50 4x5" (101.6 x 127mm)'s or equivalent per U.S. Quart, 47 per L, 60 per Imp. Qt.

    Measurement is precise with U.S. Customary measure and metric measure. Imperial measure accuarate to within 1/16 Imp. fl oz. (based on the proportion of 1.25 Imp. fl. oz. / U.S. fl. oz.)

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    Hypo eliminators were recommended in the past, But are not considered advisable to use any more (by Kodak and others), as their aggressive action may harm paper and image silver.

    Hypo eliminator is not advisable for use with todays photographic materials and processing work flows. Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and it's only safe use is for cleaning lab working areas.

    Washing aids like Kodak HCA and Permawash or 20 grams of sodium sulfite in a liter of water are safe to use, but are not necessary if you are fixing with TF-4 or another comparable alkaline or neutral Rapid Fixer.
    Tom Hoskinson

    Everything is analog - even digital :D



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