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    BOOK REVIEW: Way Beyond Monochrome Ed 2 by Ralph Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse

    Disclaimer: This book is intended for use by photographers who have a basic working knowledge of exposure and who have processed film and made optical prints. It is beyond basic and seems to be intended for the advanced hobbyist on up to the professional who wants a fresh look at Black and White analog capture. That being said. . .

    Way Beyond Monochrome Edition 2 fills what I feel to be an important gap in technical information pertaining to many aspects of Black and White film photography. Before 2003, your most current sources have been the books by Ansel Adams (The Camera, The Negative and The Print), Henry Horenstein's books (Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual and Beyond Basic Photography), Minor White's The New Zone System Manual and Phil Davis' Beyond The Zone System, to name but a few. All of these are still very relevant to film photography and should be a part of your library as they are mine. However, all are out of print with the exception of Adams' trilogy. And that is only a reprinting of 25 year old information for the most part.

    Ralph Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse have now kicked photographic reference materials up a notch. The sheer size of this books bespeaks the amount of information one might hope to find within and upon opening to the table of contents one will not be disappointed. This, the 2nd edition (the first published in early 2003) has been filled with extensive coverage of most aspects of Black and White analog photography.


    Part 1 The Basics
    From Visualization to Print
    Fundamental Print Control
    Presentation Is Everything

    Part 2 The Science
    Tone Reproduction
    Image Capture
    Negative Control
    Advanced Print Control
    On Assignment

    Part 3 Odds and Ends
    Equipment and Facilities
    Tools, Tips and Tricks
    Appendix/Glossary/Biblio and Index

    This short list is but a taste of the topics covered within the 542 pages. More than enough detail is included to busy the photographer who wishes to improve their craft for a long, long time. Split-grade printing, print toning, zone system, process control, how the human eye sees and the brain perceives visual input, pinhole photography, tables and tools, graphs and curves, examples of techniques, mounting and matting prints, make your own test strip printer. The list goes on and on and this list does not do the material covered justice. It is all laid out in a concise manner that is simple to use for quick reference or for self-education.

    I cannot express how invaluable I find this resource. As mentioned above, and as I am sure many of you have done, I have accumulated a lot of theory and how-to photography books over the years from many different time periods covering all manner of topics. And perhaps this is initial excitement over the acquisition of a most excellent book. But that does not deny its excellence. WBM2 should be a part of any aspiring photographer's library. It is the same price new as are the three books of Adams' trilogy and with every bit as much information, excepting only beginner info on exposure, etc. This review may seem to be nothing but praise. Well, it is. I find everything right with the book. There are some nudes as examples so this should be considered when purchasing for a younger photographer.

    Ralph and Chris have given us such a great gift in Way Beyond Monochrome Ed2. I hope that you will take advantage of it. You will not regret it.
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    Thank you.

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    Wonderful book.
    As with any foraging for knowledge we should emulate the wise cow...
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