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Thread: Disposables?

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    Interesting parking job.

    Warning!! Handling a Hasselblad can be harmful to your financial well being!

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.

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    This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to go out and get a disposable later today and put some bw film in it.

    I also found these step by step instructions for reloading Kodak disposables: http://www.camerahacker.com/re-use_camera/index.php You need a darkroom, but that shouldn't be a problem for 99% of this site.
    A quick google yields a few more sites, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rphenning View Post
    it definitely gives that look.
    I would disagree. Disposable camera images don't look anything like Holga, et. al. pictures to me. I agree disposable camera images aren’t great, but they have a consistent engineered look to them. The image imperfection are balanced across the image surface, yielding as good an image as could be expected at that low price point. Surly these images don’t look like they were taken with a Leica, but you would be hard pressed to make improvements without significantly adding to the manufacturing cost of the camera, regardless of the number of hours of optical engineering you put into the effort.

    Conversely, an image from a Holga type camera shows imbalanced imperfections. These images look like multiple incompetent optical engineers slaved completely independently and without any cohesive concept in mind. The resulting components were then just jammed together to make a camera. For example, the lens may have a sweet spot but it certainly doesn't cover the entire image surface. It's like the lens designer was working on a 35mm lens and then had it installed in a 120 camera body. The body design might have been done by the marketing department by someone that didn’t even know that the body had to be light tight but had his idea of what a camera should look like. I could go on - but why. That's half the fun with these cameras.

    Denis K

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