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    Can anyone please give me some information on this camera?

    Hi there.
    I recently picked up a couple of Polaroids at a thrift store.
    A Cool Cam 600
    A SUN 600 LMS
    And a Red Polaroid Spirit 600

    I have been able to find information on the net about the Cool Cam and the Sun 600, but I haven't been able to find anything about the red colored Spirit 600 (I've only been able to find info on the blue and standard colored Spirit 600's). It also says "The Limited" on top right next to the flash. I've included a photo of the camera.

    Does anyone know anything about it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey there, and welcome to APUG!

    'The Limited' was a store that I remember shopping at when I was about 12 (13 years ago); so undoubtedly that is some kind of promotional item. The red looks sharp! It was a popular, kinda conservative (re: fratty) store that probably died off when the Abercrombie and Fitch plague struck the US.

    All of those cameras will take 600 film and as you probably know (??) you can get new film for it from the Impossible Project. Since the batteries are contained in the film packs, you'll have no way to test them until you buy some film; but I'll bet they work just fine.
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    Hello and welcome
    Try Camerapedia, there is some info on red models of Polaroid. I have several 100's which uses less expensive film. Good luck
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