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Spring’s here, and it’s time again to get out there capture all that awakening, blooming & budding in BC’s glistening light! But if you’re like us at VNB, you know that exposing all that celluloid is only half of the fun. The film fest indeed goes on after hours when skies darken and strange rooms lit up in red, bleeding silver out…Meet VNB’s Halides & Gelatins Darkroom party! Friday, April 27, we will be there to assist you deliver some good old 19th Century Darkroom Art!

2 spots, 2 unique photographic experiences presenting the unique creative directness that darkroom materials entertain with light: start by shooting paper negatives and make 19th Century photographic portraiture using a Sténopé in the "Nadar Corner". Then discover how to create amazing looking Photograms, aka darkroom happenings, and don’t forget to gratify them with a signature Solarization à la Man Ray! Both processes let you leave with some pretty cool prints you can call your very own art!

So come experience simple, straightforward, but not any less magical developing and printing processes!

Friday, April 27th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Cineworks Annex, 235 Alexander in the Ironworks building (side entrance@left)

When facing the Ironworks building, go down left to the parking area following the VNB signs: the entrance door to the Cineworks Annex is located all the way down on the left side of the building.

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