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    Call for Entry, 'an Alternative' at the Brass & Bellows Gallery

    Brass & Bellows Gallery seeks alternative process photography for its inaugural show 'an Alternative'.

    Brass & Bellows is a new studio/gallery located in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, just over half an hour drive from either downtown of Minneapolis or St. Paul. Our mission is the promotion of historic (or alternative) photographic techniques and their integration in modern photography through education and exhibition.

    Call For Entry: This first show at Brass & Bellows is going to get straight to the heart of our mission; the introduction of historical (or alternative) photo processes to a wider audience. More and more photographers are finding their voice by creating hand made images with these early techniques. While some may strictly adhere to the traditional methods, others are choosing to combine the best of digital and analog technologies, creating something totally new and unique. This modern resurgence of these historical processes offers a truly fluid combination of the oldest and newest photographic technologies, and this is where the excitement lies, since this integration can only drive the entire medium forward. an Alternative is open to anyone using alternative processes, working with any concept or subject matter. Our juror will select up to 45 images to be included in the show. Any historical process is eligible including (but not limited to) - salted paper, calotype, gum bichromate, collodion, cyanotype, van dyke, albumen, platinum/palladium, kallitype, and any other non-silver gelatin methods.

    The Juror: Internationally recognized local photographer and artist utilizing alternative printing processes, Cy DeCosse.

    Deadline for entry: February 24th

    Show: April 1st through May 3rd. Opening reception April 5th

    For further details, fees, and instructions on entering please visit: http://brassandbellows.com/altpro

    Feel free to email with any questions: info@brassandbellows.com

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    What is the thirty dollar entry fee for?



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