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    Foto3 Competition/Website - Disclaimer

    This afternoon, the latest inquiry (and far from the first) about the outcome of the "foto3 Competition" arrived in Ted's e-mail. In spite of my repeated requests to get Ted's e-mail address off the list of those who get mail sent from that link on the foto3 website, it's apparently still there.

    This writer (like several others) threatens to notify his credit card company that the hit for the entrance fee was fraudulent. All of them that have come this way are upset that they've had no acknowledgment that their entries were received, no word on who won or didn't, except that their credit cards have been hit for the fee. I am making sure, individually and (I hope) with this announcement, that they know that Ted had nothing to do with any of this after March 21, and sending them to "amiles@viewcamera.com."

    If you or anyone you know is in the position of these people who need to find out about what happened with the competition or their entries (and fees they paid), these inquiries should be sent directly to Steve Simmons.

    I'm telling these writers as much, as I respond to the ones that keep coming to Ted, and I'll keep hoping that it will stop soon. Getting this residue e-mail has been hurtful and sad, particularly in light of the chain of events that ended with Ted's death. Since I have so much documentation about when Ted's involvement ended and why, I'm not especially worried about making that clear if/when these people decide to take the action they're threatening.

    However, "on advice," I'm publicly announcing here and on other forums that Ted Harris' involvement in anything related to administration of foto3 ended on March 21, 2008, and that any attempt to imply otherwise by keeping his name on the foto3 website or e-mail circulation, or in any other fashion, is false.

    I appreciate having the ability to get words like this out to the community... thanks. Trusting Sean and the mods will put this elsewhere if it should go elsewhere.

    Amy Rafferty Harris

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    Thanks, Amy. Since the relevant parties aren't here to answer questions, I think we'll close this thread and leave it as an announcement. Anyone with questions should contact Steve Simmons directly.
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