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    Visual effects and structures

    Hello, this message gives them working (cooperation) with my daughter Ana
    She studied Art (Erasmus scholarship) at Krakow (Poland) and has sent the following message to people around the world:

    "I send this message because I need your cooperation for a work of "Visual effects and structures", a class that I attend.
    It is about freedom and my idea is to send my photo by post or email to people around the world.
    The idea is that people get the picture and put it in a special place of their city. It is not necessarily a monument
    or a famous place, can be a corner, a window, a person ... And take a picture of my picture in that place to send it to me in my back.
    The photo that I send you is yours, you can do with it what you like
    When I get letters, I will do an installation with them in a class exhibition.
    I'll send photos and information.
    If you are willing to work first of all you must give me your mailing address to receive my picture in a few days.
    If you do not want to give your postal address you give me your e-mail and receive a file with my photo (9x13 cm) and print it.
    If you do not want to collaborate with a photo, simply re-post the letter to the mailbox with my address to receive
    at least the seal or postmarked from your country.

    Thank you for reading this and millions of thanks if you agree to cooperate.
    Ana Civera"

    If you want to join the address are:

    STUDENCKI ZASADA ul. Kapelanka 24, 30-347 Krakow

    If you prefer to send it by e-mail and I print the photo:


    Thank you very much.

    Raimundo Civera
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