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    ITS#PHOTO International Photo contest (5000 euro prize - no entry fee)

    PRIZES: 5.000 euro + exhibition for all finalists
    DEADLINE: 7 April 2011
    ENTRY FEE: No entry fee

    PORTFOLIO: a portfolio of 8-14 images on the theme "Open the possibilities" should be submitted by post. Before sending the portfolio it is necessary to pre-enroll online

    EVENT and EXIBITION:10-15 finalists will be selected and will be invited to Trieste, Italy on 15-16 July 2011 for the finals. Their photos will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition in the ITS#TEN location and viewed by all the guests of the event: international press, opinion leaders, professional photographers.

    ITS#PHOTO website: http://www.itsweb.org
    PDF entry requirements: http://www.itsweb.org/pdf/ITS10-Photo-Entry.pdf

    Previous ITS#PHOTO Jury members
    Alessandro Ferrari - Director Collezioni Uomo
    Andreas Müller-Pohle - European Photography
    Angela Vettese - Curator, Critic
    Anne Urbauer - Editor in Chief of MINIInternational Magazine
    Ari Marcopoulos - Photographer
    Arianna Rinaldo - Photo editor for "D - La Repubblica delle Donne", chief editor "Ojodepez"
    Carl De Keyzer - Photographer MAGNUM PHOTOS
    Cecilia Dean - Editor of Visionaire
    Denis Curti - Photographic Critic and Director of Contrasto/FORMA
    Enrico Bossan - Director of Photo Dept. Fabrica, Editorial Director Colors Magazine
    Gianni Berengo Gardin - Photographer
    Lee Swillingham - Art Director of POP
    Maria Luisa Frisa - Curator & Journalist
    Maria Teresa Cerretelli - Photo Editor and President of G.R.I.N.
    Michele Lupi - Editor in Chief GQ Italia
    Roberto Greco - Executive Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather
    Sarah Moon - Photographer

    please feel free to ask anything about the contest on this forum
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