Yesterday I was bought 2 x 500ml sizes of Ilford MultiGrade liquid developer and 2 x 500mL Ilford liquid Rapid Fixer.

The store also had 5 Litre sizes with a per Litre cost that is less than half of the 500mL sizes.

In the interest in paying less for the chemicals and having less waste due to dumping expired chemicals, would there be interest in …..

A Photo-Chemical Co-op

I am interested in all the reasons why it will not work, but equally interested in all the reasons why it would work….

Possible process:
-communicate your plan to purchase some chemicals (text, email?)
-if others are about to purchase as well
-make a buy of the larger sizes
-meet up to dispense the chemicals into smaller containers (supply your own) and share the cost and the savings
-if 4 others shared in a 5 Litre purchase of developer and fixer we each would have saved about $20 each

-could also work for powder…..
I use D76 and Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent, I may not be able to use a gallon of stock within 6 months – it could be mixed and then split between a few others?