I'm posting this here, since most of the stuff falls into the 'killer to ship' category.

My surfing for deals for an enlarger to do 4x5 photography with on Craigslist has finally paid off.

I found that the guy who runs the photo shop next to the Baskin Robbins in the Michael Angelos plaza on Erin Mills parkway near the 403 was clearing out his lab.

They have got a telecine contract with a number of the commercial camera store chains to turn movies into digital DVD, so this is where most of their effort is going.

If you know anyone else who needs film based darkroom gear, here is a partial list of what he has left, lab wise:

2 Superchromega D 4x5 enlargers, $300 each

1 120/35mm LPL enlargers $200

2 Gralab 505 timers $100 each

1 gralab 450 timer and foot switch $125

Ilford Ilfolab MG2950 B&W processor $1000

Kreonite 16” RA-4 processor $1000

Wing Lynch model 5 E6 slide film processor $500

Byers auto slide mounter $200

Bowens Illumitran slide duplicator $75

4 Saunders 4 bladed easels $75 each

Lab air compressor $100

Single door film cooler $300

Many more cameras and lenses

Contact Tam – Millennium Photo (905) 820-9878

I bought a dichroic 4x5 omega, c/w mixing boxes, carriers, lens turret (no lenses), baseborad, power supply, electronic Gralab timer, and two nice 10x20 new looking textured muslin backdrops for $400 all up, so I think it was worth my trip to check him out.