Hey - better than going to a casino. At a camera show you always know that you have the chance to loose some money, but come back with something.

I was quite restrained. Came back with a skylight filter or strap here or there for some of my mongrel cameras.
A whole slew of wratten gels to let me get the slide duper dialled in with some long frozen bulk rolls of low contrast dupe film.
Picked up a 5000K light box, so no more twisting my neck to try to read proof file pages from overhead incandesant bulbs.
And then a recessed lens board for the cambo monorail.
Oh, and a few old publications on screen printing.

All for under $50 including the admission.

We then went up the street a bit and then wandered the old David Duinlap Observatory grounds on a fine day taking different photos.
The surrounding open fields of this property have been ploughed for archelogical clearing, so there will be houses going up on the lands in another year or tow I would guess from my past job experience doing land development engineering.