I noticed that Calumet participates in Upromise. Upromise is a program in which you set up a 529 account for your child's college education, link anyone's credit card to the 529 account, buy a product from a participating Upromise company, and the company will make a small donation to the 529 account. For example, you might get 10 cents for buying Minute Maid orange juice at the grocery or 1 cent per gallon of gas. Other purchases can be more substantial, such as 6% back from Orvis, 3% from Cabelas. Calumet is currently contributing 4%. (Earlier they had a free shipping offer which was a good time to buy fixer!) Over the course of 18+ years, this can add up. You can get friends and family members to link their credit cards to the account. The only catch is that online purchases have to start on the Upromise website and then link to the merchants website.

So anyway, I just got 4% from Calumet for buying developer and other chemicals. Thanks Calumet.