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    Hi Mirco,

    here are the pictures

    It is not from MCC but from MCP312, 25 Sheet Box, Emulsion 0310 36012-3A 04-09.
    I wanted to send you the bag but forgot about it until this thread.


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    What is it about your film and developer that makes it so they must be used together or else they provide inconsistent results?
    It is simply an imaging system which was developed by a specialist to work only like this without problems. Getting the CMS 20 to deliver images with halftones will work if you combine it with ADOTECH and no one knows what will happen if you do it a different way whic we have not tested and for which we cannot give any guarante. Known problems with microfilms beeing exposed and developed to midtones are cloudy patches in areas of the same density (sky, water etc.). Adotech was one of the first developers of itīs kind to overcome this problem. We have never recomended any other chemistry and we have never stated anywhere that a different system will work without problems. People have stated that they got good results in cafenol etc. but we cannot give a guarante for this. On our website it says: " Other than common microfilm developers ADOTECH is very resistant against streaking or producing turbulence- clouds next to the film holes. Still you have to use some general caution in agitating the filmtank. "

    However the point I wanted to make is that these problems, if they show, are not originating in the film itself. They are always film/chemistry combination problems.

    Still I am interested what the problem actually was. Why donīt we wait untl the gentleman explains to us which problem he had when he says that: " I found this film to be of relatively poor and inconsistent quality. ".
    This is a very general way of wording it.

    2) Even by your standards of Eastern Europe from 1989 my statement still holds true except for confectioning which is located in what we call "Germany" without east or west now.

    3) When I made my statement about the Film Chemistry combination I was only refering to CMS 20 plus Adotech. Any further interpretation of this is pure speculation.

    4) It is not true to say that efke branded materials differ only by the paint on the box from ADOX branded materials. They differ at least in emulsion numbers and final inspection, some in packaging and in the future they will also be finished in Germany with various QC steps inbetween. Therefore I would like to know if any of the above have been expirienced with ADOX branded products or efke branded products and it is only fair to make this differentiation.


    what you found is light fogging originating from what you guessed is the cause.
    I think the person who started this thread has a different problem.
    Your probem has been fixed about a year ago when we increased the box sizes.
    We will also change the supplier of the black bags shortly when the photographic inacitvity tests are over. Things like this cannot be changed in week.
    You have to make sure first that a different PE material does not affect the emulsion in long term tests.

    Kind regards,

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    [QUOTE=Michael R 1974;1161139]
    Quote Originally Posted by 2F/2F View Post

    You're right now that I read it again I totally misunderstood what Bruce was saying, and he clarified it in a subsequent post.

    I agree with what you are saying too. I cannot recall having a problem with any product from Kodak, Ilford or Fuji product that wasn't my own fault.
    Kodak did have a fault with a bad batch of Kodak Gold 100 in the early 90s; seems they forgot to coat the yellow layer and the resulting prints had a wonderful color cast to them, and printing them was a pain if you didn't pick up on it right away.

    I remember our Kodak rep going through about 150 cartons of the film we had in stock to ensure the bad batch was removed and replaced with good stuff. (Along with an extra carton for the troubles it caused.)

    Thankfully, most of the boxes were sealed (ordered for the soon to begin Christmas period), and only 25 cartons were from the faulty batch, although from memory, that was equal to 5000 rolls!!

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