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    My first serious attempt

    at a Still Life. I know there are a lot of factors in shooting film / printing etc... I've been reading as many of the older threads here on Apug, to get as much knowledge as I can catch up on. I'm new to printing. Been only doing it now for 2 weeks.

    I have some info on the image below but not sure where to go from here to step it up a notch. I kept the subject matter up away from the background to prevent any spill from hitting it. I used 1 strobe with a softbox for the main light.

    Up till now, I've just been printing from Neg's that I currently have, to gain some speed on enlarging. I've been printing on 5x7 Ilford MGIV FB paper, that I bought from another forum, member. It's serving my purpose for now.

    I wanted to create a VIBRANT still life from a flower, which would push me on the printing side, with regard to a high contrast subject.

    Some specs on the shot.

    Arista Film
    Arista Developer

    The first print was printed at 40 sec. with a 3 1/2 grade filter, and developed my usual 2 minutes @ 68f
    It came out over exposed.

    The second, which is shown here, was printed at 20 sec with a 3 1/2 grade filter, and developed @ 2 minutes / 68f

    Chemicals are fresh. Made today.

    The negative looks pretty good too, from what I can gather. One obvious problem is that one HOT petal, which I've highlighted. I wish now looking in hindsight, I would have introduced another strobe for some back lighting on the stem/petal areas... Thought about it, but I didn't . I used a reflector to create some fill.

    Any thoughts on the printing side, that I should consider to get this image up a notch or two? This a scan on an V700 of my second print.

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    When printing burn in the hot spot to make it darker. Go work siriusly.
    Warning!! Handling a Hasselblad can be harmful to your financial well being!

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.



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