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Thread: Beetle 1965

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    My cousin had a beetle. I was eleven years old and was made to sit in the back. Five minutes into the ride, I see smoke rising from the seat. We pull over and I jump out just before the seat erupts in flames. Turned out that the rubber insulating mat over the battery (which is located right under the rear seat) was not put back. The seat springs contacted the battery terminals, caused a short circuit which ignited the dried up foam (this was an old car already). We managed to pull out the seat and put out the fire, but was the last time I rode in a beetle.

    Nice picture though and I love cars with aircooled engines in the back.

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    we used to drive, repair and have fun with beetles.
    had a 72 flat windshield, then a 73 superbeetle
    and a 67 "deluxe" in the woods we'd grab parts from.
    the recommended book is a good one.
    you might think about getting an external oil cooler and mounting
    it on the inside of your firewall ( really isn't hard to do, line in, like out )
    it will make your car run happy. make sure your engine's "fins" are de-gunked
    they usually get clogged with dirt, road grime and oil and the engine doesn't cool
    well. too much heat can mess with the valve seats ( the heads ) and mess with your rods ..
    also make sure your oil and gas lines are NEW at least near the engine compartment
    bugs like to go up in flames if there is any sort of heat and a leak back there.
    ALSO make sure your electrical system isn't toast, wonky electrical / wire harness
    doesn't like gas either ...
    if you don't have leaded gas, i'd stick a can of lead substitute in there once in a while
    the lead is needed to lubricate the engine ... even thought nearly a half of century of lead is probably
    built up in there, it might be useful.

    i miss mine.
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