I do NOT 'undo' anything !! I very carefully read all about the FTBn and also 'De-Squeaking' the 'A' series Canons which I have done but only after taking off the base-plate about 4 times and trying to get a VERY SMALL amount of Oil on a piece of Fuse-wire ( as I do not have a Syringe with needle) onto the right place. I had to get a small enough screwdriver to fit the Japanese screws -- I found a 'spectacle Repair Kit' in Maplins for £ 2-50 with screwdriver which worked. When you take off the base-plate you can see all the cogs and pivots -- I just touch with a minute amount of sewing machine oil on fuse-wire and it goes in by 'capillary action' to the moving parts.